Monetize your conversations

Let your followers pay to interact with you directly through paid messaging conversations

How does it work?

🏷️ Create your profile and offers

Your profile is where you will send your followers to purchase offers from you. Offers are basically just durations of time that you are willing to sell to your followers at a price determined by you (e.g. 5 minutes for $50)

💰 Followers purchase your offers

Your followers visit your profile to see what offers you have available, purchase the one they want securely through Stripe, and then automatically get put into a private one-on-one messaging conversation with you.

⏱️ Chat back and forth until time runs out

Zulu is a video-focused messaging app, but you can also send text and audio messages. There is a timer at the top of the conversation that shows how much time is left in the conversation. As you send messages, it deducts time from the timer until it runs out. After that, only you can send messages to your follower and they will need to purchase more time if they'd like to continue.


Conversations tab (where you chat)
Public profile (where followers purchase your offers)


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