Goodbye Zoom. ✌️
Hello Zulu! 🙌

Build your business 💰 with exclusive 1-on-1 async video.

Zulu is built for coaches, consultants, experts, mentors, tutors, and content creators.

Zulu Coach Features

📹 Powerful Video Messaging

It's 100% async, baby.
Talk face-to-face without ever having to schedule a time to meet.
Interact using Video, Audio, Text, and Screen Recording!

⏱️ Time Tracking

Zulu keeps track of time and ends the conversation when time is up.

💰 Integrated Billing

Connect your Stripe Account and Zulu does the rest.

How to get started

1. Create your sales page

Just fill out this Google Form to get started! Once you finish the form, we’ll set up your page and send you a link to connect your Stripe account.

2. Connect your Stripe account

Stripe is the payment platform we use to collect payments and deposit money into your bank account. They also handle sales tax, 1099s, and all that jazz.

We charge a flat 15% commission per transaction -- We only get paid when you do!

3. Share your link everywhere

Now you’re ready to share your Zulu sales page. A post would be good, but putting it somewhere permanent like your Instagram bio, TikTok bio, YouTube description, or your website, would be best.